Indo-China Mission.


This is the mission to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all people in Mekhong sub region areas and many Indochina area countries.  Indochina Mission was started from 1999 to present and then to the future. It set the network of variety of the missions with the power of the Holy Spirit “Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples. Baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” (Mt. 28 : 19).


1.To be the center of the network to coordinate with the mission in Mekhong sub region area and Indochina area countries.

2.To empower and develop all pastors to have more ability to serve the God according to the gift given from the Holy Spirit.

3.To develop the innovation of media and the presentation process to spread of the Gospel of Jesus to all people by using technology tools as media.

4.To be the center of the mission of preaching, giving hand to people in local level, regional level and international level in development of life quality in living, economic and social aspects.


1.To conduct the mission spread the Gospel in the Mekhong sub region areas and Indochina area countries.

2.To be the center of network of mission preaching network, network of prayers, and network of mission of many organizations and churches to preach gospel.

3.To create the creative cooperation in developing life quality, economy and societyof people in Mekhong sub region area and Indochina area countries.

4.Villages and communities in remote areas are recovered and changed in life conditions to have more better being.


1.To create the network of local churches along the Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and China borders in participating the mission, network of information and network of prayers.

2.To develop the pastors team to have more ability and efficiency.

3.To set training workshop for the leaders to have better ability in preaching the gospel.

4.To create languages or alphabets for tribes that don’t have their own languages or alphabets.


1.Meeting and planning with the teams every 3 months.

2.Praying for the leading of God in planning.

3.Conducting the survey of the areas to get information and run the mission.

4.Sending staff and leaders to the villages and communities.

5.Running the mission according to the plans.

6.Building churches in where there are the believers.

7.Supporting churches where there are leader and training the members of the churches to be ready to be good leader in the future.

Budget and resource.

1.Carrying out the public relation of work of Indo China Mission in country and abroad.

2.Carrying out the public relation of work of Indo China Mission in many churches and organizations.

3.From general people who want to support the mission.

4.From specific donation to Indochina Mission. Email ;  Tel. 0813878466


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